Serra International

What is Serra?

The Serra Club fosters and promotes vocations to the Catholic priesthood and to religious life. It also encourages its members to fulfill their own Christian vocations to service. It works toward these goals through prayer as well as a variety of awareness and support programs.

What is the history of Serra?

Serra was founded in Seattle in 1935 by four Catholic lay men: Dan Rooney, Leo Sharkey, Richard Ward, and Harold Haberle. Seattle is thus the original chapter. Since 1935, Serra has chartered 1,113 Serra Clubs in 46 countries. Headquarters of Serra International are now in Chicago. The total membership is more than 21,000 in 46 countries.

What do Serrans do?

To promote vocations, Serrans pray that God grant vocations and help men and women respond to the call. While not a fundraising organization, Serrans make gifts to the archbishop to assist in the education of seminarians, small gifts to priests, sisters, and seminarians as tokens of appreciation. While not a service organization, Serrans help out when they can. For example, several Serrans assisted with the archdiocesan Quo Vadis Days. Serrans also host events to honor seminarians, priests, and sisters, and to hear speakers on a variety of subjects of interest.

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