15th Serra Asian Convention 2010
16-18 April 2010

Thursday 15 April 2010 a Trip to 15th Serra Asian Convention at Singapore
  b Warmest welcome from Singaporean Serrans
  c From NACLI to Sentosa
Friday 16 April 2010 a Breakfast @ The Church of the Holy Cross
  b Convention Participants
  c Openining Mass - Celebrated by Achbishop Nicholas Chia
Keynote Address - Message from Vatican to Serranns
  d Session 1 - The Gift of the Eucharist for the Church and the world by Fr. William Goh
Session 2 - The Priest as Man of the Eucharist by Fr. William Goh
Session 3 - Fostering Vocations in the young through Eucharist Adoration by Fr. Antoine Thomas, CSJ
  e Eucharistic Adoration for Vocations
  f Lunch and Social Dinner
  g Chinatown and Little India
Saturday 17 April 2010 a Breakfast at NACLI
  b Mass - Celebrated by Fr. Alex Chua
  c Session 4 - The Eucharist and Family by Mr. Jude Antoine
  d Session 5 -Threats to the Priesthood and the Eucharist by Fr. Francis A. Tiquia, OATH
Session 6 - The Eucharist and Respiration for the Sins of the World by Fr. Francis A. Tiquia, OATH
Session 7 - The Eucharist and Mission by Fr. Richards Ambrose
  e Serra Networking Dinner at NUSS Guild House
  f Serra Networking Dinner
  g Cultural Performance
Sunday 18 April 2010 a Eucharistic and Vocation exhibition
  b Living Out a Eucharistic Spirituality by Serrans from Singapore
  c Panel Session - The Mission of Serra in Asia
  d Break
  e Closing Mass by Msgr. Francis Bonnici
  f Redy for Tour
  g Color of Singapore Tour
  h Singapore High Tea at 16th Floor of National Library Building
Monday 19 April 2010 a Early Morning at the Heart of Singapore
  b Bye Singapore - - -Changi Airport Wow!
  c Thanks to Serra Club of Singapore staff

More details in Post - Convention Newsletter May 2010

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